Gradual C0: Symbolic Execution for Efficient Gradual Verification

Jenna DiVincenzo, Ian McCormack, Hemant Gouni, Jacob Gorenburg, Mona Zhang, Conrad Zimmerman, Joshua Sunshine, Éric Tanter, Jonathan Aldrich

Full paper. In Arxiv, 2022.

Research Competitions

CPS-IoT Week

One Program to Rule the Intersection

Reese Grimsley, Edward Andert, Ian C. McCormack, Eve Hu, Bob Iannucci

In Student Design Competition: Networked Computing at the Edge, 2020.


A Software Library Model for the Internet of Things

Ian C. McCormack

Extended abstract. In Proc. of the SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH), 2020, 28—30.

Artifacts & Demonstrations


Direct Manipulation and SVG: Creating and Adjusting Graphics Programmatically and Visually

Ian C. McCormack, Chris Johnson

Demonstration. In FabLearn: Making as Resistance and Resilience, 2020.



Direct Manipulation for Computational Making

Ian C. McCormack, Chris Johnson

Lightning Talk. In SPLASH-E, 2020.